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 WRITE FOR RIGHTS  2021 at Christ Church Cathedral.     WRITE A LETTER.   CHANGE A LIFE 

Here is your opportunity to join the world’s biggest human rights event and take action to stand with the oppressed and/or the persecuted, a gospel imperative. This year because of the pandemic our event will be a virtual one to keep everyone safe while carrying on this important work.  

What is it?   Every year on or around International Human Rights Day  December 10,  hundreds of thousands of people around the world write letters  that brings hope, healing, and unlock prison doors.  Amnesty International Canada presents 10 individual cases that they feel would be influenced by global support.  It is the power of words multiplied by a million.   

How does it work?   People in more than 200 countries and territories write letters, emails, tweets and petitions in advocacy and support for people who have been tortured, denied refuge, or locked up for speaking out.  Our collective words put pressure on governments, leaders and decision makers to make change happen - releasing activists, convicting torturers and changing abusive laws.  And your notes of encouragement and support to an oppressed or imprisoned person bring them hope and healing.   They know they are not alone. You receive information about the 10 cases for 2021 and tips on writing your letters when you sign up to participate.

We are holding a ZOOM meeting on Thursday December 9 from 10 - 11 AM to talk about the cases, answer any questions you may have and to rally the troops. You may post your letters yourself or you can deliver them to the Write for Rights Mailbox at the Cathedral Office, 930 Burdett Street by the end of the business day December 13.  

To save on postage, letters will be bundled and mailed ASAP.  Donations for the cost of postage are welcome.   We know that words are powerful. They can bring HOPE,  HEALING, UNLOCK PRISON DOORS.  Your words can change lives.   Join us this year for Write for Rights 2021.   

The 10 Cases presented for this year’s Write for Rights
Guide for Event Hosts 
Resources for the Event  

Please contact Susan at to register for the event.