Honorary Assistants

Honorary Assistants

The Cathedral Honorary Assistants are faithful retired clergy, whose presence and availability, wisdom, and pastoral sensitivity are a great boon to this Cathedral parish. Some preside at the eucharist; some preach; some take services at local care facilities; some provide spiritual care and counsel; some provide pastoral care and visit the sick; some are wise counsellors to the staff, and all are “ears on the ground.” All this they offer from the store of their long and accomplished experience. They do this out of their love for and commitment to the Cathedral; and they do so on a voluntary basis. We are blessed to have such willing and gifted clergy rounding out the ordained ministries of the Cathedral. 

The Rev'd Dr. John Barton

The Rev'd Canon Dr. Martin Brokenleg

The Rev'd Dr. Sel Caradus

The Rev'd Canon Douglas Friesen

Lieutenant Commander The Rev'd Canon Jeannine Friesen

The Rt. Rev'd John Hannen

The Most Rev'd Andrew Hutchison

The Rev'd Ed Lewis

The Rev'd Betty McLeod Miller

The Rev'd Ron Macluskie

The Rev'd Canon Herb O‘Driscoll

The Ven. Fred Peirce

The Rev'd Jack Rose

The Rev'd Dr. Adela Torchia



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