In 2019, the cathedral community engaged in a visioning process called “Greater Works than These.” This process took its name from Jesus’ promise to the disciples that “the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.”  

Little could we have imagined the upheaval that would be brought upon us less than a year later by the coronavirus pandemic. And surely it is more important than ever that we cling to Christ’s own promise that we will continue to build and improve upon the good work that has brought us safe thus far.  

Over several months, well over 200 people from the cathedral, our cathedral school, and the wider church were asked to imagine what kind of church we wanted and needed to be in the middle years of the 21st century. From these conversations, our coordinating group was able to draw ten aspirational statements.   

Each statement is comprehensive and dense with meaning, and we invite deep engagement with their implications. In some cases, these aspirational statements describe the way we already are. In some cases, they reflect the way we want to be. In every case, they are intended to guide our decision-making, to help us set priorities, and to provide a compass for evaluating the work that we do.   

We hope you will find them reflective of a community worthy of your allegiance and assistance.  

Christ Church Cathedral’s Aspirational Statements  

  1. Christ Church Cathedral’s liturgy, study, and preaching provide inspiration, comfort, challenge, healing, learning, and spiritual formation for all ages so that the Church may be the heart and hands of God in the world.
  2. Christ Church Cathedral values and welcomes all who seek God, regardless of race, religion, age, physical ability, mental wellness, class, sexuality, gender-identity, dress, or rank. We seek reconciliation with those who have not experienced such welcome.
  3. Christ Church Cathedral welcomes partnership with all who feel compelled to serve the City. 
  4. Christ Church Cathedral aspires to build relationships and collaborate with people of other denominations, other faiths, and those who live outside faith traditions.
  5. The Cathedral speaks out on issues affecting both the Church and society, and advocates on behalf of those whose needs are discounted or whose voices cannot be heard.   
  6. Christ Church Cathedral takes seriously the imperative to safeguard, sustain and renew the life of the earth.
  7. Christ Church Cathedral embraces its role as resource and collaborator with parishes across the diocese.
  8. Christ Church Cathedral values informed and intelligent faith that embraces complexity and ambiguity and is committed to providing varied opportunities to all age groups for learning about God’s world upon which such faith can be built.
  9. As an oasis for spiritual refreshment and a physical marker of the unseen world of the divine spirit, Christ Church Cathedral is a community that upholds the beauty of holiness in all aspects of its life, including liturgy, the visual arts, music, communications, and its buildings and grounds.
  10. Christ Church Cathedral is a community that responds faithfully to changing context and emerging needs through continual renewal in people, vision, and mission.