An Anglican centre for spirituality, learning, culture, heritage and community on these Islands and Inlets, Christ Church Cathedral costs around $3,000 per day to maintain. Please support us generously.


Annual Giving

This is the regular, grateful giving back during one's lifetime. There are several ways to do this depending upon individual preference: envelopes provided by the church, direct debit from one's bank account, or by credit card. The donor decides the frequency of the gift: weekly, monthly or to some other schedule. Automated giving (direct debit or credit card) has the advantage that your gift makes it to church even when you are not able to attend in person. This is extremely helpful to the church in managing its cash flow.


In addition to the set of weekly envelopes available from the office, CCC ministries include a monthly gift to twelve charitable causes.

Planned Giving

This method involves giving from one's accumulated assets. This is most often done during estate planning for the disposition of assets after one's death, but there are also options from which to choose that come into force during one's lifetime. To let us know you've remembered Christ Church Cathedral in your will, or to discuss options, please contact the cathedral office.

Memorial Gifts

When there is a death in a Cathedral family or a funeral is booked at CCC, the cleric handling the lead pastoral role invites the surviving family member(s) to consider a memorial gift to CCC. If there are no survivors, the invitation is made to the executor, if known. Depending on the interests of the deceased and the family, memorial gifts may be dedicated or not, that is to say given for some particular purpose, or left to the discretion of the Dean and wardens.

Restricted Funds

The cathedral has several restricted funds which support specific programs. The most prominent and active of these is our music program supported by the Music Fund. This fund also contributes to operational cost of cathedral music staff.