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Our recent survey, Reopening the Cathedral, garnered valuable information and comments on how you are feeling as we enter new phases of provincial restrictions during COVID-19. 

Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the questionnaire (close to 200 households) and who added extra suggestions. Not surprisingly, 90 per cent said that they will (most likely or possibly) attend a worship service when we can see each other in person again, with guidelines in place. And 85 per cent said Sunday morning was the preferred time by far. In the meantime, 82 per cent of you said you have watched worship services online and 70 percent are consulting the website and e-newsletter.  You rated our music and worship videos and communications as very good/ excellent.

Dozens of comments revealed in more detail how people are feeling. First, many emphasized how much they missed coming together as a community, adding that they appreciated the online Zoom social outreach, bible study and educational (Anglican 101) options.  People expressed concern about the logistics of returning to church, mentioning procedures such as social distancing as well as the importance of adjusting traditional practices such as the eucharist, the peace and hymn singing. Several mentioned holding outdoor services during the summer.

Finally, you suggested that some of our online offerings be continued after we get back to a new normal. Certainly, for small groups and meetings, that is your preference. Many said that livestreaming the services even after we can attend in person is a great way to reach a wider audience.