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We have now been able to gather in person for Sunday worship for about a month. Or at least some of us have.  

Our maximum capacity is 50.  This includes those who have defined roles (16), spaces for visitors or drop-ins (4), as well as those who manage to register in advance (30).   

Pre-COVID, our average attendance over four Sunday services was 400+.  Currently, with only one in-person service, it is easy to see that we are unable to accommodate many, many who might wish to attend. And indeed, each week, there are on average 15 people on our “wait list.”  (We have no idea how many people simply assume there’s no point in even joining that queue.)  

This suggests that all of us need to be mindful of our vocation to make room for each other at the Lord’s table.  Already, our servers, choir, wardens, readers, sidespeople and clergy are stepping back in order to allow other members of the community a place amongst the 50.   

Doubtless, our registration system favours those who get up early on a Tuesday!  But this doesn’t work for everyone, and it does make it possible for “early birds to get the worm.”  So let us, as a community of faith, do our best to ensure that everyone gets a chance – even if that means waiting till Thursday to join a wait list.  - MAT