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New Lecture Series: Science, Religion and Mistrust of Institutions
Peruse any current events website and you’ll see: there appears to be a growing mistrust of institutions making decisions for us. Christ Church Cathedral’s new lunch and learn series of free noon hour talks will explore some of the compelling issues people are facing.

The series theme is Science, Religion and Mistrust of Institutions, and organizers have invited expert speakers on a variety of topics including genetic engineering, assisted dying and vaccinations. To choose the topics, organizers asked themselves the question: just because we can, does it mean we should? What are the ethical aspects of these issues?

The series begins Sept. 12 and runs on Thursdays for five weeks. All sessions begin at 12 noon in the Chapter Room (through the Burdett Avenue entrance).

Science, Religion and Mistrust of Institutions

Sept. 12 Conscience, Compassion, and Community in a Post-truth, Post-trust World
Speaker: Paul Bramadat, Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria.

Sept.19 Vaccination and Religious Exemption: an Illustration of Scientific Challenges in a Religious World
Speaker: Réal Roy, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Victoria.

Sept.26 Medical Assistance in Dying: Christian Perspectives
Speaker: Janet Storch, Emeritus Professor of Nursing, University of Victoria.

Oct.3 Ethical Aspects of Genetic Engineering
Speaker: To be confirmed.

Oct.10 Whom can we Believe and What can we Believe?
Speaker: Alan Batten, formerly of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, National Research Council of Canada.