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What has now become an annual fixture on the afternoon of Palm Sunday – Music and Readings for Passiontide – will this this year include works by composers from Europe, Ukraine and Russia as part of our ongoing awareness of our commitment to the work of peace-making and reconciliation.

Readings from the Gospel of Luke lead us through the Passion narrative from Judas betrayal of Jesus to his death on the cross.

The choral pieces (sung by the Cathedral Choirs) are:

* Judas mercator pessimus – T.L. Victoria (Spain)

* Pater noster – Igor Stravinky (Russia)

* Coventry Carol – Trad. English (United Kingdom)

* Agnus Dei – Gabriel Fauré (France)

* Abendlied – Josef Rheinberger (Liechtenstein / Germany)

* Кресту Твоєму Поклоняємось, владико -- Alexander Koshetz (Ukraine)

This service is an opportunity to hear some of the most beautiful music in the liturgical repertoire, and to allow it to colour our reading of Christ’s passion. We pray that it may also be a vehicle for our sorrow in this time of discord and a call for peace. In the words of Francis of Assisi: “Make us an instrument of peace. Where there is discord, let us sow unity. Where there is hatred, let us sow love.”

Music and Readings for Passiontide takes place on Sunday, April 10 at 4pm (in person and online)