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Because the gospel readings are lengthy in this year A in the liturgical calendar, we are taking a different approach. Rather than just reading them, we are adding some theatrics to these already dramatic gospel readings from John (and we need actors - see below). Lent 3’s reading is about the woman of Samaria at the well; the Lent 4 gospel concerns the healing of the man born blind and the reaction to it; and Lent 5 tells the story of the raising of Lazarus from the dead. 

The Lent 3 gospel will be given through a dramatic reading: narrator, Jesus, and the woman. For Lent 4, we have a special guest, Fr. Angus Stuart from Vancouver, who previously presented a dramatic recitation of the Gospel of Mark, will deliver the gospel about the man born blind.

Actors needed

For Lent 5 we intend to tell the story through a medieval mystery play, The Raising of Lazarus, from the York cycle, and for that we will need seven actors: narrator, Jesus, Martha, Mary, Lazarus, and two apostles. The use of mystery plays to tell Biblical stories began in the medieval period when most of the population could not read and did not have access to books. These plays have survived the test of time and are a wonderful means to tell the stories of the Bible from Creation to the Second Coming and Judgement Day.

We will have a meeting of those interested in participating after both the 9.15 am and 11.00 am services, venue TBA. Lent 3 (dramatic reading) is on March 15 and Lent 5 (mystery play) is March 29.
Come and join us and let your inner thespian free!