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As restrictions upon public gatherings, including worship, are loosened in our province, it is now possible for us to gather again for worship and other ministry activities—although in carefully managed circumstances.  

Our diocese has produced a comprehensive set of protocols, and the Cathedral has been required to demonstrate our readiness to comply with these provisions, through the submission of a “Safety Plan.” A copy of this plan will be posted at the entrance to all cathedral buildings, and can also be viewed on our website.

Our Safety Plan covers Sunday worship, visiting the deanery offices, meetings for cathedral business and ministry, and the use of our space by third parties.

Getting Ready    

Our approach  

The cathedral will commence a gradual reopening, beginning Sunday, July 12. Registrations for the in-person 10.30 am service will begin Tuesday, July 7th through Eventbrite. The link will be posted with the Sunday e-news, and spaces thereafter can be reserved via our website, beginning the Tuesday before a given Sunday’s service. If you are unable to register online for some reason, we invite you to telephone the office with your request, however the most expedient and secure way to reserve a spot is through the Eventbrite link. 

We plan to proceed slowly. We want to see how we do, making changes as necessary (or permitted), and adding to our offerings only as we become practiced at these new ways of being together.   

What if I don’t feel ready to come back?  

Many members of the cathedral, including clergy and staff, are among those who are vulnerable to the coronavirus. We understand that not everyone will want to rejoin worship or cathedral life in person just yet.   We are taking care to continue to include those who have been participating in various groups and meetings through Zoom or other electronic meeting platforms.   Likewise, we will continue to provide an online experience of worship.  Beginning July 12, we will start livestreaming the eucharist on Sunday mornings, at 10.30 a.m. This service will be posted on our website, and will also be available for viewing later at your convenience.   In addition, we will continue to pre-record Evensong and post it to the cathedral website each Sunday.  

And for children, Kate Newman will continue to post our Cathedral Sunshine series, featuring Herbert the Turtle.   

General Protocols

  • Before visiting the cathedral or deanery offices for any reason, everyone must perform a self-assessment for fever, cough, runny nose, or shortness of breath.
  • Upon arrival, all are to sanitize their hands using the Health Canada-approved product provided.
  • All who visit the church for any reason must register their name and phone or email address in order to enable contact-tracing by public health authorities should this prove necessary. This information will be destroyed after 30 days.
  • Cathedral washrooms will be open for use during services. One person at a time (or a child accompanied by one adult) may use the washroom, and each user is expected to sanitize the space according to the instructions posted.  

What to expect


Coming to the cathedral for the eucharist

  • To begin, there will be one eucharist per week, on Sundays at 10.30 a.m.
  • The maximum number of people we can accommodate at this time is 50.
  • To ensure that a spot will be available, parishioners are encouraged to pre-register.
  • We will always save a few spaces for visitors and drop-ins.
  • Worshippers are to enter by the Burdett Avenue doors, and leave by the Quadra doors.
  • Physical distancing protocols and signage will be in place. Please maintain a minimum of 2 metres distance in all directions, at all times, between individuals or households.
  • Masks are not required for those attending worship.
  • On entering the cathedral, a greeter will confirm your attendance using the pre-registration list, and direct you to a table where you may pick up your own leaflet, and deposit your offering.
  • For those who prefer, the order of service will be available the previous Friday for download to tablets and other devices.
  • Please note that children are to remain with their parents or guardians throughout the service.
  • Congregational singing is not permitted at this time.
  • The offering plate will not passed hand to hand during the service. The donation kiosk in the narthex is also available for use.
  • The Peace will be exchanged, but without touch.
  • The clergy will wear masks to administer Communion under the form of bread only, at a standing station.
  • There will be no coffee hour for the time being, and parishioners are strongly discouraged from congregating outdoors before or after the service.
  • When leaving the cathedral, please keep your order of service, or deposit it yourself in the recycle bin by the Quadra Street doors.  There will be no queuing to greet the clergy. We recommend that you re-sanitize your hands on the way out.  

How will we keep our Sunday numbers to 50?

  • We will reduce the number of clergy, servers and choir in attendance. This means the music will be beautiful but simple, and that not all our staff clergy will present every week.
  • Please call ahead to reserve a space, or register on the Cathedral website. More information on how to register online or by phone will be made available on July 5 (UPDATE: see the link on the home page to register for the services each week)
  • We will hold back a few spaces for visitors and drop-ins.
  • Those who cannot be accommodated in the week they call will have first priority in the following week or weeks.  

Parish Life  

Visiting the Deanery Offices

  • Staff will transition to working back on site beginning July 13.
  • We encourage making an appointment or calling ahead before visiting the deanery.  250.383.2714
  • In order to manage physical distancing in the reception area, the deanery doors will be locked, and callers asked to ring the doorbell for entry.
  • All will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry, and to register at the front desk.
  • The main floor washroom only will be available to visitors. Visitors are expected to sanitize the washroom after use, according to the instructions posted.  

Parish Meetings

  • For the time being, some meetings will continue to take place electronically.
  • For the time being, in-person meetings will be restricted to business hours, or when a staff member is on site.
  • The leader of every group, before holding its first in-person meeting, must be briefed on protocols by Jennifer LeBlanc.
  • The leader of the group is responsible for ensuring that protocols are observed, including registering attendees, monitoring numbers, ensuring that attendees sanitize or wash their hands, and sanitizing touch-surfaces following the meeting using the approved product provided.
  • Most meetings will need to be held in the Chapter Room to allow for adequate distancing. Demand could be heavy, so please be sure to reserve.  · Use of the kitchen for any reason is prohibited at this time.
  • Participants may bring their own beverages or snacks. These are not to be shared with other participants.
  • The cathedral will remain locked while meetings are in progress. Washrooms will be open to attendees, who are expected to sanitize the washroom after each use, according to the instructions posted.

A copy of this document can be downloaded below. Printed copies have also be sent out to the Cathedral's mailing list.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times. We're looking forward to opening the doors of the Cathedral once again!