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So as a Cathedral community on the precipice of transition, you'd think that things would be dialing back a bit - WRONG! It's full steam ahead and this month we have embarked on Phase 2B of our project.

You will recall that Phase 1 was to frame what it is we need/want/would like; in a renewed precinct and Phase 2 is to actually create a master plan to accomplish that. Due to funding considerations there was a need to split Phase 2 into A then B & C. We have completed 2A and are now proceeding with 2B. The top level findings of Phase 2A are on the Executive Summary

Over the summer we have had very productive meetings with the City and our neighbouring redevelopment partners, which will gather momentum going forward. These are important because we need to make sure our plans not only meet our needs but dovetail with their plans too. After all we know full well we are not in this part of God's creation for just our own benefit but for the benefit of the community we are part of, so it behooves us to be fully engaged with those around us.   

As I said at the beginning, it's full steam ahead and as things unfold we will communicate the progress to you all. However, if you've a specific question, feel free to ask and if we are in a position to answer or get the answer, we will.  The Reverend Canon Ian Powell, Chair of the Steering Committee.

Click HERE for more information on the project.