Refugee Support Group

Refugee Support Group

Christ Church Cathedral has a long history of supporting refugee families. Our most recent family arrived just over three years ago. They were from Syria - a Palestinian Muslim mother and the youngest of her six children, a 20 year-old son. Safia, the mother, is the sister to the wife in a family brought over six years ago by the Church of St. John the Divine. Safia and Saddam have adjusted well to life here. Saddam is working long hours to support his mother and has worked hard to pass his driver's license exam.  Although Safia has a number of health problems and has experienced so much trauma in her life, she continues to be positive and persists with her English classes. She catered to the Refugee Info Cafe held the end of October and provided delicious Syrian finger foods for all to enjoy.

Right now, the Refugee Support Group is in the process of bringing one of Safia's older sons, his wife and son to Canada. They were living in Iraq and fled ISIS by escaping to Indonesia. They are presently waiting anxiously in Jakarta. The young couple are both university trained, he as an accountant and she as an early childhood educator. He says in his emails that he is finding it very hard to be so long without work. Please pray that they will soon be on their way to a new life here in Victoria.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 5.00 pm in the Deanery or at the call of the chair.

For more information please contact Joan Duckett: [email protected]

To visit the Diocesan website page on Refugee Sponsorship please click here