Ecological Stewardship at Christ Church Cathedral

One of the vital ways we engage with God’s world is to take seriously the commission given to us at Creation to be caretakers of the natural environment. Here at the Cathedral a group has formed to work creatively with this concept in the hope of supporting and inspiring our individual and community response to the growing challenge of ecological stewardship. We started with an Advent invitation – for our people to consider simplifying their lives in ways that would benefit both the environment and themselves. Over two Sundays, we filled out coloured strips of paper which were then used to construct a wreath. 

There were three categories:

Light Green         Something new to try during Advent that could become an ongoing practice

Dark Green         A simplicity they already practice that they could commit to sustaining

Red                    A one-time choice that is better for the natural and possibly the social environment

This generated great enthusiasm and participation; people gathered, shared, and created over 150 strips. We compiled lists (see attached document) of these ideas to share these commitments and to stimulate further conversation. We were delighted to learn how much we share ecological concerns and commitments and to consider together how these simplifications are ultimately spiritual practices that can ground us and open us to God’s active love and care for the world.