Christ Church Cathedral has served the community of Victoria and the Diocese of BC for almost 90 years. As a ‘cathedral for the city’, Christ Church serves the spiritual, social and cultural needs of the city and the diocese. It provides a parish home for more than 400 people and countless thousands more visit the Cathedral each year to admire the grandeur of the soaring interior, find a place of peace for prayer and meditation, join in one or more of the 19 worship services each week and enjoy glorious music and art. Regardless of their reason for entering the building, all experience the holiness of the cathedral and are often in awe of the splendour of the space.

The Friends of Christ Church Cathedral has been initiated to invite those who may not be members of the parish to join our family, to build the community and contribute to the maintenance of this special place.

The Friends are ambassadors in the community, providing their expertise to support special projects on the Cathedral and help to raise funds for the beautification of the Cathedral, its grounds and programs. As members, they assist in making an important difference to the spiritual, cultural and social life of the community and they enjoy opportunities for priority seating at special cultural events at the Cathedral. Friends are invited to an annual Friends Appreciation event, they have opportunities for special guided tours of the Cathedral and they receive regular updates on activities of the Cathedral.

Becoming a Friend contributes to conserving and adding to the beauty of this special place. Friends also build the community, forming lasting relationships and enjoying interesting events.
For more information on the Friends of the Cathedral email us at

Please download our brochure by clicking the link below. You can also download a copy of the membership form separately.