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A Special General Meeting of the Vestry (parishioners) of Christ Church Cathedral will be held on Sunday, May 15, at 12.15 p.m.

This will be an in-person meeting, with an option to participate by Zoom.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider approval of a proposal for proceeding with Phase 2 of “Building for the Future.” 

For those attending in person, we will meet in the cathedral proper. A light lunch will be provided.  

For those attending by Zoom, please plan to join a few minutes early and use this link:

What is this meeting about?

“Building for the Future” is a long-term plan for the Cathedral “precinct” – the block bounded by Quadra and Vancouver Streets, Burdett and Rockland Avenues. It is based on the shared values and aspirations we articulated during “Greater Works Than These.” It will give physical expression to those aspirations, to the middle of the 21st Century and beyond, by laying out an inspiring vision for the improvement of our buildings and grounds – including both renovation and new construction – along with a realistic plan for how to fund that work. The ultimate goal is to create an Anglican centre for spirituality, learning, culture, heritage and community on these Islands and Inlets. Phase 1 of the project, which was completed recently, helped us learn what needs to be addressed and included in the plan. Now, we are ready to move to Phase 2: the creation of the plan itself. It is a large and complex undertaking, with many elements, which will take the better part of two years. When it’s complete, we will have made a major investment in our collective future, in the form of a comprehensive scheme for redevelopment, which can be implemented in stages, over many years and even decades, as needs and opportunities arise.  

What will it cost, and how will we pay for it?

Phase 2 has been divided into two parts: 2(a) and 2(b). The cost of Phase 2(a) is capped at a maximum of $500,000. Phase 2(b) is estimated to cost a further $250,000 – possibly more, depending on what we learn in the first part of the exercise, and how we decide to proceed from there. In principle, we believe that all three of the main “stakeholders” on the precinct – the Cathedral, the School, and the Diocese – should fund this planning work equally, since we will all benefit from it. The Cathedral Management Team has identified a source of funds for our $250,000 contribution: a portion of the unused revenue from the sale some years ago of a property we owned on Niagara Street. (Note that the Niagara Street funds are internally restricted and can only be used for capital projects. This proposal will have minimal impact on the Cathedral’s operating budget). The Cathedral School Board has unanimously committed to providing its $250,000. If the motions being considered at the SGM are passed, the Diocese will be asked to confirm a similar commitment.  

What are we being asked to decide?

Here are the two motions which will come before the Vestry at the SGM.  One is to proceed with Phase 2, subject to the approval of the Diocese. The other is to contribute $250,000 towards the project, subject to similar amounts being provided by the School and Diocese. The Cathedral Management Team is recommending their approval:  

1.     That the Cathedral proceed with Phase 2 of the Building for the Future precinct planning process, as described in the proposal document, subject to ratification by Diocesan Council. Funding for Phase 2 to be provided jointly by the Cathedral, the Diocese and the Cathedral School.

2.     That the Cathedral contribute a maximum of $250,000 to Phase 2 of Building for the Future, the source of funds to be a portion of the residue from the sale of the Niagara Street property, currently held in an internally restricted Cathedral investment fund; and subject to confirmation of the commitment of both the School and the Diocese to provide like funding.  

How can I find out more?

The full Phase 2 Recommendations document is available at our Building for the Future page, as is a much shorter Executive Summary. Elsewhere on this same web page, you can find the final report on Phase 1, a recording of a Zoom presentation and meeting about it, and a Cathedral Check-In about Phase 2.

If you have questions or comments, you’re encouraged to drop a line to  

We look forward to seeing you at the Special General Meeting on May 15, for a full discussion of this exciting project!