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Starting Tuesday April 7

At Home with the Dean
a new reading and discussion group ONLINE

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link (or copying and pasting to your browser):   Or, if your device doesn’t have a microphone, you can phone in:  778 907 2071   And when prompted, enter the Meeting ID: 604 448 454

Dean Ansley Tucker will lead a weekly conversation based on Barbara Brown Taylor’s book,  An Altar in the World, beginning April 7.  "This book is now about 10 years old, but is particularly suitable for these days when we are seeking inspiration for our faith outside the walls of our churches," she said. "She writes clearly, imaginatively and accessibly. At one time, she was named one of the 12 most effective preachers in the English-speaking world."

The goal is to discuss one chapter a week. Participants would be expected to read the week’s chapter in advance. Watch for details on the start date in the next e-news.

For the first week, under fair-use law, we can make a scanned copy of Chapter 1 available ahead of time to participants. You will simply need to contact Jennifer LeBlanc, [email protected], who will send them a copy.  

After that, you can access your own copy. Three options (ranging from $12-$25) are:

  • Order a version which can be read on your Google web browser by clicking HERE.
  • Order new or used hardback, softcover, Kindle or audio editions by clicking HERE.
  • Order from Munro’s Books HERE