During the summer months, Victoria welcomes swaths of tourists from around the world thanks to its pleasant weather, lovely scenery, and bustling nightlife. Christ Church Cathedral offers architectural beauty, favourable acoustics, a highly-regarded Wolff organ, and a warm welcome to visiting choirs who would like to lead our worship.

Sarah MacDonald, Director of Music at Selwyn College, Cambridge (UK) writes:

The highlight of our tour of the Pacific Northwest was our weekend in Victoria, and in particular our concert and Choral Evensong in Christ Church Cathedral. The concert was completely sold out, and we received an immediate and overwhelming standing ovation. The concert was even attended by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia -- it was the first and will probably be the last time that I will be led to the podium by a bagpiper.

Choral Evensong, sung jointly with the cathedral's St Christopher Singers, provided a wonderful opportunity for us to participate in the active liturgical life of the cathedral congregation.

The city is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and members of the choir made lasting friendships with their host families.

We are currently scheduling visiting choirs for the years ahead. Please contact admin@christchurchcathedral.bc.ca