Holy Week is central to Christian liturgical year as it most directly depicts the catalyzing events at the heart of our faith. Christians are members of a community living throughout time that formed in response to the witness of Christ’s resurrection. All the actions and outcomes comprising the span from Palm Sunday (March 24) through to Easter Day (March 31), and their order, are so important we observe them in real time.

This year's guest preacher for the Paschal Triduum will be the Very Reverend Peter Elliott, former Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver.

Christians are called to engage wholeheartedly in this full sequence, which will take them all the way through the events of Christ’s passion. This means committing to the full range from elation, through conflict, betrayal, humiliation, and death, all enacted liturgically. This week is meant to teach us how to suffer, how to die, and how to navigate the injustice and brutality of our world—all in light of the hope within us, that guides and sustains us. Come and join us!

Events identified with an asterisk will be available via video livestream at https://www.christchurchcathedral.bc.ca/live.  All other events are in-person only.

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