Regularly at 10.00 a.m.  at a car park or a junction of quiet streets in Greater Victoria, members of the Christ Church Cathedral walking group are gathering to begin their latest leisurely stroll or challenging hike.  Once in a while the group travels out of town – most recently to Botanical Beach and the Kinsol Trestle.
The group is over 100 members strong, with between eight and twenty regular walkers. The activity is open to anyone – newcomers, veterans, young and not so young, visitors and residents.  You will encounter people from Christ Church Cathedral past and present: people from other churches or from no church at all; and people of all ages, single and married.  The group's primary aims are fellowship and outreach while enjoying God's creation. There's plenty of time to chat en route (and afterwards over a cup of coffee) and you may be fitter for your efforts as well.
The walking schedule (including a brief description of the level of difficulty) is posted monthly on the website and is sent to any parishioners who provide an email address.  Reminders are emailed to the walking group the day before each walk.
Walking pace varies a little – typically about 4 –5 km in an hour with an option to stay for coffee after the walk.  Walks take place in locations across Greater Victoria. A great way to start the day.  See you on the trails!
Please download our current schedule below, which includes details of where to meet and park.  For more info contact: