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Is bad behaviour in the world more common today? Anyone who has worked on a company team or volunteer board or council - or with friends and family - knows that new strategies for cooperation and positive reinforcement are often needed.

A new workshop series, Virtues in Everyday Life, will offer some help. The workshops are based on a globally recognized teaching concept launched in B.C. and used by such diverse groups as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Botswana Defence Force, Hallmark Cards and the governments of Fiji and Malaysia.

When: March 11, 18, 25
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm
Where: Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria (Chapter Room)
Cost: $50 for the whole series to cover materials and refreshments. Bursaries available. 

The Virtues Project was started by a Salt Spring Island couple, Linda Kavelin Popov and Dan Popov, who researched world religions and discovered a common focus on nurturing certain character traits or virtues. Since then, the Virtues Project approach has been used by businesses, schools and governments in more than 100 countries to resolve conflict and promote harmonious relationships . The Virtues Project is not affiliated with any particular faith but draws its research from all sacred traditions.

The program expanded from its roots in education to include workshops for those in the business, community and political sectors. “People learn to use language to encourage and strengthen, recognize teachable moments and figure out how to do it better next time,” said Patricia Crossley, a former school principal and education consultant who has offered the program in Kenyan schools, colleges and community groups and is now a master facilitator with the project.
Crossley will lead the series of three business workshops sponsored by Christ Church Cathedral.

NB Participants who missed a strategy in the last workshop series may make up the session free of charge and receive their certificate. Anyone who attended the series based on children may repeat the training for a nominal cost of $10. For more information:;