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Lent begins Feb. 26, and Lenten discipline is so often reduced to subtraction: notions of austerity and deprivation, expressed through things not permitted or pleasures denied.

We are proposing an alternative this year: a practice of addition, of taking on practices or performing actions that are kindnesses to ourselves or to others. For example, rather than  'quitting' something for Lent (coffee or chocolate for example) why not treat yourself or a friend, or a stranger, to something special? And if you do want to give up something, think of something that would be a kindness to yourself (or others) to take a break from, that might even create space to add some other kindness. 

We will set up a table (as we did in Advent) on two or three Sundays in Lent for you to fill out strips of paper which will be used to construct a cross for display later in Lent.

Dark Purple - Kindness 'added' to ourselves
Light Purple - Kindness 'added' to another
Rose - Something to take a break from (to make room for a kindness)

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