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All the love and thoughtfulness that went into the 275 stuffed socks done by the greater Cathedral community were truly appreciated at Project Connect on Tuesday, Jan. 21. This event, put on by the Coalition to End Homelessness, with the United Way and the Salvation Army, brought together every imaginable resource that people down on their luck might need. It was a pleasure to be able to contribute to the event and, hopefully, help make the lives of those less fortunate a little bit brighter. - Sue Simpson

Here's another response to our work at Project Connect from Janine Theobald, Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness:  

A woman attended the event who shared with me a few stories of her big family and how she would be heading out of town soon to be with her sister who is currently palliating due to cancer. We shared some hugs, tears and laughter as I was doing my rounds through the day. She got a haircut and some beautiful portraits done. She headed out for a while and came back to find me to show off a pair of leggings she was wearing that had been ‘stuffed in her socks!’ She was so pleased at how pretty they were and how they made her feel. I have had a few community members share similar sentiments about finding ‘just what they needed’ in the toes of their socks.    

Any donations that weren’t handed out at the event have been distributed to some of the agencies that put on the event. I also wanted to share that ‘word on the street’ is that the socks are amazing and folks have been seeking them out. The very thoughtful and heartfelt gifts the Christ Church Cathedral community created are finding their way to some of those folks via outreach and peers in community.