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Last Sunday marked the end of the choir term, and the next step in a musical journey for four of our graduating choristers: Chani, Claire, Finn, and Ava will be wrapping up their time with the treble line. But their cathedral music journey is far from over, as they all have plans to become founding members of the cathedral Youth Choir, starting up rehearsals in September.

  • Graduating from the program as a head chorister, Chani is an all-rounder, both a musician and a sportsperson. Chani is off to Glenlyon Norfolk School.
  • Claire started as a chorister in grade 3 and was the youngest person to be appointed head chorister in the program’s history. Along with Ava, Claire has received the prestigious Centennial Scholarship ($100,000 value) to St Margaret’s School. Claire has enjoyed her time with choristers and is incredibly proud of her accomplishments. She intends to continue her choral music education and experience while contributing to the youth choir next year; she notes that the music has truly become part of her soul.
  • Finn looks forward to exploring alto, tenor, and bass parts in the new Youth Choir. He departs as a deputy head chorister and will be studying at Glenlyon Norfolk School. Finn’s parents would like to mention how grateful William and I are that Finn has had this amazing musical education.
  • Ava has an infectious love of music. She became a chorister in grade 5 and achieved deputy head chorister this year. With Claire, Ava has received the Centennial Scholarship to St Margaret’s School. Claire and Ava are not even the first choristers to received this scholarship in the program’s short history. You can read more about that here.

We wish all our departing choristers well in their continued educational and musical journeys. Our Young Chorister Program, founded in 2017 through a partnership between Christ Church Cathedral and the Cathedral Choir, is the only school-based, fully immersive Anglican Cathedral Chorister program of its kind in Canada, and one of only a handful in North America.


Our Aims:

  • To provide choristers with an outstanding, fully immersive musical education.
  • To create an environment conducive to learning the art and language of music; where effort and achievement is recognized and rewarded.
  • To cultivate sensitivity, curiosity and a passion for discovery in each chorister.
  • To foster the spirit of mentorship between older and younger choristers.
  • To offer children the experience of preparing and performing sacred choral music at a high standard; to impart an understanding of music's capacity to elevate the senses, stimulate the intellect and enliven our worship.
  • To share the best of what the Cathedral has with the wider community - a timeless, living Anglican choral tradition that enriches our lives.