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To support local efforts for those affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, the cathedral council decided in early April to donate revenue in the cathedral’s Emergent Disaster Relief Fund (EDRF). 

We contributed $1,800 to the Rapid Relief Fund, a rapidly growing initiative being managed by the Victoria Foundation. The list of selected recipients of the monies raised is extensive. Set up in 2018, the EDRF is one of Christ Church Cathedral’s monthly outreach initiatives, and since then parishioners have contributed just over $1,800. The fund allows us to respond quickly to emergent disasters – such as fire, flood, or other devastation – without having to engage in a special fundraising campaign.

The EDRF is permitted to accumulate donations year over year until we find a disaster situation that needs our help, unlike our other monthly outreach projects, such as the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund or our Cathedral School, that receive cheques annually. Our community is grateful to all who helped make this contribution possible. Emergent disaster relief is an annual cause in our monthly outreach initiatives; the next opportunity to contribute will be in September. To see the monthly causes we have chosen to support, go to