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Building for the Future is the multi-phased project to plan for the future development of the cathedral precinct, in accordance with our needs and aspirations, and our informed awareness of how our neighbourhood and the Anglican Church are likely to change over the next 50 years or so. This is a project which involves all three occupants on this city block, namely the Cathedral, our Cathedral School, and the Diocesan Office. All three of us serve a much wider community than our own constituency, and it is this realisation that has prompted our shared commitment to position ourselves for a changing future.  

We completed Phase 1 of the project earlier this spring. Its purpose was to identify the issues which would need to be addressed, and the decisions which would need to be made, prior to completing a “master plan” for the precinct. We are now ready to move on to the first part of Phase 2 of the project.  Over the summer, this will involve engaging experts to do the following:  
·         A site survey
·         Civil engineering review
·         Environmental investigation
·         Geotechnical review (what’s under the ground?)
·         Seismic and building envelope assessments (the cathedral, the school, the Yarrow Chapel)
·         Heritage review (what constraints or opportunities do we have?)
·         Arborist review (tree survey and assessment)
·         Planning vision workshop with city officials & follow up  

These are all reports which will provide excellent information before we start laying plans for what merely to improve, or for what to build, and where.  We’ll know what is possible (physically, legally, and financially).   In the meantime, the Cathedral School has commissioned a detailed business plan concerning the implementation of its strategic priorities. While waiting for that report, the diocese and the cathedral have agreed to release an initial $100K each for the work outlined above. Stay tuned!