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As we hope most are aware, Phase 1 of our Building for the Future Project has been completed and is now available on the cathedral website for review. The Steering Committee is grateful for the attention and feedback recently provided over two “open houses” for Cathedral folk. Of course, we are but one of three key stakeholders on the cathedral precinct – the others being our Cathedral School, and the diocesan office – and despite our best efforts, it turns out that we need a little more time to ensure that we can come to the Cathedral Vestry with an agreed plan for sharing the funding of Phase 2. There is willingness to do this: we just need to nail down some more specifics!   

The purpose of this special Vestry meeting, when it occurs, will be to consider moving to Phase 2 on the basis of (a) an approved scope of work to create a “master plan;” (b) an agreement on the sources of funding for Phase 2; and (c) a plan for sourcing the Cathedral’s share in the financing of Phase 2. We want to preserve momentum, because there is lots of positive energy right now. However, it is equally important that people have the information they need to make an informed and enthusiastic decision. Please stay tuned for more information.  

In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance, please do review the Phase 1 report, which is available on our website HERE. We are still receiving comments and questions at