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Pandemic time has been, and continues to be, challenging for all of us.  At Christ Church Cathedral, it has meant an end to in-person worship and other forms of face-to-face ministry and community life. It has also had a significant financial impact.  

At this year’s annual meeting, before approving a budget with a $175,000 operating shortfall, we passed a resolution adopting a solid plan to substantially reduce that deficit during the course of the year.  

Now one important part of that plan is being implemented, and you are invited to be part of it. It’s called The Matching Challenge Campaign. Here’s how it works.  

Eleven generous Cathedral households have already confirmed gifts to this special campaign totalling $50,000 (over and above their regular giving). That’s the “matching” part.  

These funds are now available to match additional contributions to the campaign from other members of the parish family, received by June 30, up to a further $50,000. That’s the “challenge” part, and that’s where you come in!  

We invite you to consider prayerfully whether you are able, and feel moved, to offer additional financial support to the cathedral at this unique time. If you do so before June 30, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $50,000.  

The overall target for the Matching Challenge Campaign is $100,000. Between the matching fund, and others who have already indicated their intention to answer the call and step up to the challenge, we’re already well over halfway to that goal!  

Getting all the way will do much to ensure that our ministries and programs remain on a sound footing, and will also send a message that our “Cathedral for the City” is alive and well and thriving in these difficult times.  

Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and respond today! You can make your additional one-time gift in whatever way you usually contribute to the life of our cathedral, e.g. through cheque, bank debit or credit card, by mail, email, phone or in-person. Just be sure that your special contribution is clearly marked “for The Matching Challenge Campaign.”  

Remember, the deadline for having your gift matched is June 30


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Photo credit: Mark Thompson