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Advent in the church year is a time of mystery, expectation, struggle and hope. However, for many people in our community the time leading to Christmas is more than painful, it is potentially dangerous. The hard work of recovery can seem impossible, and when other stressors are added such as self doubt, fear and shame, substance use increases.

Those who live with a secret addiction and those whose work in recovery is well known, both groups are challenged by the dark days and societal expectations seen and heard everywhere at this time of year. The popular images of classic family gatherings, wealth and untroubled relationships create feelings of loss and disconnection. As a faith community we are involved in a number of endeavours to break into isolation and need around us. One of these is our ongoing support for people who are in recovery and who continue to deal with trauma in their lives.

Each Tuesday at 5.15 pm we have a 12-step recovery service. This is a time of reflection, gentle conversation, support. During Advent we will be lighting two extra candles at each service. One will be a candle of remembrance of those who have died through overdose over the past year. The second one will be candle symbolizing hope and support for all those who continue the hard work of recovery. Please join us to pray for those who feel forgotten at this time of year.

Finally, on Tuesdays at 6.00 trauma informed/ therapeutic yoga is offered by a highly trained Yoga instructor Nyk Danu. If you would like further information please contact Rev. Canon Nancy Ford through the office.