Music, and choral music in particular, is a crucial part of an Anglican’s DNA. We believe that in the beauty of human creativity through the vehicles of art and music, we are more fully able to glimpse the divine. 

The chorister program is a partnership between the Christ Church Cathedral and the Cathedral School. It is modelled on similar programs in the UK, which have been successfully enriching the lives of young people for hundreds of years. 

Apart from giving children an immersive experience in singing, music theory, history, and leadership, choristers also receive a generous tuition discount, subsidized piano lessons timetabled into their school schedule, and pocket money for attending morning rehearsals. Choristers rehearse four mornings per week before school and regularly sing Evensong on Wednesdays after school. There are no weekend commitments.

Our Mission: 

To provide choristers with a world-class musical education.
To create a challenging and supportive atmosphere conducive to hard work, focus, fun, and reward.
To foster mentorship between older and younger choristers, and supportive relationships between peers.
To cultivate the joy of learning and discovery in each chorister.
To deliver excellent music in cathedral services.
To promote the Anglican Choral Tradition within the wider community

In 2019, they toured to Seattle and sang with counterparts at St Mark's Cathedral. In July 2023, they plan to embark on their first overseas tour to the United Kingdom.

For more information about how to apply, please contact Donald Hunt, Director of Music. 

We wish to thank the Anglican Foundation of Canada, The Barraclough Foundation and the NRS Foundation and the St Cecilia Music Endowment through the Victoria Foundation for their generous support of the young Choristers of Christ Church Cathedral, a fully immersive program of choral music education for children, based at the Cathedral School.