Choral Evensong is a meditative service where almost everything is sung by the choir. It traces its history to the monasteries where monks were called to prayer multiple times a day. In many cathedrals, this tradition is still very much alive in the daily service of Choral Evensong.

At Christ Church Cathedral, we offer Choral Evensong every Sunday a 4.00 p.m. sung ether by the Cathedral Choir or the Cathedral Schola as well as every Wednesday during the Cathedral School's term sung by the Young Choristers.

Follow this link for our weekly listing of service music.

“Evensong hangs on the wall of life like an old, familiar cloak passed through the generations. Rich with prayer and scripture, it is nevertheless totally nonthreatening. It is a service into which all can stumble without censure – a rambling old house where everyone can find some corner to sit and think, to listen with half-attention, trailing a few absentminded fingers of faith or doubt in its passing stream.” (Stephen Hough, pianist.)