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Nyk (C-IATY, CYA-ERYT 550) is a Yoga Therapist. 

She believes Yoga has the power to transform lives and change the world, that if you can breathe you can do Yoga. She believes Yoga makes life better.   Her mission to make Yoga accessible to people who don't think they are 'yoga people'. 

Nyk is an expert in teaching those who aren’t human pretzels — when you can’t reach the floor, she has ways of making the floor reach you.   In Nyks’ classes, you can expect inclusivity, accessibility, and fun (you might even laugh). A personalized practice to fit your needs that day, with a focus on relieving neck and back pain, strength building and increased flexibility.   Classes are trauma-informed, community-focused, nurturing space to relax and heal. An opportunity to learn the skills you need for self-care.  

Therapeutic Yin Yang Yoga

In this class, we practice the harmonizing of Yin and Yang. We start with a grounding and centering. Explore meridian tapping, then slow-flow through foundational (beginner friendly) movements to strengthen the body and increase circulation (Yang). Then we slowly flow back into the stillness and long holds of Yin. 

You can visit Nyk's website HERE and RSVP for classes HERE.  Nyk has also produced a tutorial on how the RSVP process works, which can be viewed HERE.