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Our Wonder challenge elicited a few responses. Here is a poem from Audrey Thomas (with photo by Dannita McLuskie of a child seeing butterflies for the first time at Butterfly Gardens)


Noun, verb,

Six letters: Two vowels, four consonants.

Four is the square of two:

So, ...oo!!

Vocal emanations of wonder!

Synonym - awe:

Two vowels, one consonant - that which begins wonder.

5W - the journalistic code:

What? Who? When? Where? Why?

The power of language:

Used to elevate and inspire, But also to downgrade and debase.

Misunderstood it can lead to friction and

WAR- "onde" replaced by "A".

But, does understanding lead to PEACE?

Nuance can be everything.

"...To thy own self be true,

and it must follow as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man...."

Wonder at how the Bard of Avon's words still resonate through the centuries!