Governance Background

At present, the Cathedral functions with two important governance groups: the Dean and Wardens, who meet every two to three weeks; and the Parish Council, who meet monthly.

The Dean and Wardens are all members of the Parish Council. Other members of the Parish Council include members of Synod (5) and members at large, including a secretary (“Vestry Clerk”).

The Canons and Regulations of the diocese envisage a pyramidal form of governance, in which most decisions made by the Dean and Wardens are treated as recommendations until approved by the Parish Council.

Normally, at the Cathedral, the Dean and Wardens deal with matters related to property, finance (in cooperation with the Finance and Stewardship Committees), and personnel. They also draft policy for adoption by the Parish Council on matters related to property, finance and personnel; and report to, and (in accordance with the canons of the diocese) seek approval of the Council for such matters as membership on the Finance Committee, and the terms of employment for lay employees of the Cathedral.

Currently, our Parish Council concerns itself primarily with parish life, and related policy, program, strategic planning and program evaluation. This is unusual: few parish councils have time to discuss the core mission of the Church. It happens at the Cathedral because we have entrusted a great deal of what occupies many parish councils (repairs, the budget, staffing) to the Dean and Wardens.

This said, our current model is somewhat irregular, and emergent. Sometimes we run into questions about accountability and responsibility. We therefore believe it is time to articulate what matters to us in a governance model, and to come to a stated agreement about how we will do our work together.

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